What is the Purpose of Education?

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What is the Purpose of Education?

Postby DCLevy » Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:43 am

What is the purpose of education? Is it solely to improve test scores, get a high school degree and go to college? These are worthy goals, but can’t we strive for a greater purpose? More families, as well as frustrated teachers, are seeking new education options for young people. This growing trend for new ways of learning provides opportunities to test innovative education approaches.

My partners and I at Natural Creativity argue that there is a significant need for sites that understand the purpose of education in a very different way. Rather than spaces of control whose primary purpose is to improve test scores, we need sites that emphasize autonomy, as a way to foster individual identity development and build skills for lifelong learning. We need sites that understand the value of play and creativity in learning, and that serve as laboratories in which they can explore new education approaches that catalyze the transformation of education in Philadelphia and beyond. Ultimately, education should help young people develop a foundation for life-long learning that promotes self-direction, constructive purpose and personal fulfillment, within a commitment to social equity.

Please share your thoughts of what you think the purpose of education is.

Diane Cornman-Levy

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