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Young people, ages 4-18, join our program for 1-3 days/week during the academic year, and develop a relationship with a facilitator partner.  The partnership consists of several full family meetings to set goals and expectations, as well as to reflect on progress and obstacles, then develop solutions.  There are also biweekly check ins between the young person and facilitator partner, in which a plan of interests, experiences, and activities is developed, then reflected on for indicators of success, challenges, and alternate pathways.  The young person is free to develop interests across our program offerings, including in our woodshop, makerspace, art room, sewing station, kitchen, garden, STEM lab, library, and more, or to seek out connections in the community around our building.


Do you want to be part of an educational community that trusts young people to pursue their interests with love and support in developing the process tools to do so?

Do you believe every human has a right to pursue their own path and make their own decisions, and has a responsibility to do so in ways that do not interfere with that same right in others?

Do you want to be part of a richly diverse community, and to engage with thoughtfulness and intention people who may be very different from you, toward a process of greater understanding and communal growth?

Do you believe partnership - compassionate collaboration - is a more acceptable path forward than domination - individualistic or tribalistic competition?

Do you believe we need humans who can think creatively and implement new ideas more than we need credentials and test scores?

  • SINGLE SLOT - $2750 (1 day/week from September - June)

  • In-Person Meeting Passes - $25/young person (parents and babies/infants included)


Currently, 1 slot costs $2750 per program year.  A slot equals 1 program day per week for the full year (for example, Tuesdays).  We charge a flat rate for the slot, which does not change if you enroll for more slots or with siblings.  4 slots could be 1 person comes 4 days/week or 2 siblings attend 2 days/week, or 4 siblings attend 1 day/week.


Program fees cover enrollment in the program for young people, partnership meetings with facilitators (both young people and adults), access to our Family Support Coordinator, our library, and opportunities to call problem-solving meetings with us; the fees also cover community events (about 4 per year), homeschooling portfolio evaluation and support, and lots of fun.



We offer a sliding scale for program fees, which basically means that we try to make as much financial support available as possible while still paying our staff at rates that speak to their value within the organization.  Families interested in fee reductions will complete an application, which provides a recommendation to us, which we then use to make a plan with our families that will ideally meet their and our needs.


If you believe NC is the right place for your family, please fill out this form. After, you will be contacted to schedule an initial introductory (15-20mins) phone call with our co-director Chris S. If both parties agree we are a good match, we will schedule a site visit.


This visit and meeting generally takes about 2 hours to complete, and we ask that everyone who has a say in the decision-making process (parents, caregivers, young people, and anyone else who has a financial stake in the decision) please plan to attend.  We believe everyone’s voice should be heard, and everyone should have an opportunity to ask their questions directly.

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