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In service of our mission to holistically partner with our families, NC hosts regular events and workshops to build our community and knowledgebase. Self-directed education does not have to be isolating!

Have a workshop you'd like to share with our community? Contact

Check out our public events below.​

Annual events for NC families

  • September: Opening event for enrolled families (at a park)

  • Fall: All-community dinner and event (at NC)

  • Spring: All-community dinner and event (at NC)

  • Early June: Closing event for enrolled families (at a park)


We have also been known to organize an all-NC camping trip, field trips to local museums, outdoor days in the Wissahickon, and more!

Public Events - 2024-25

Past Events (2023-24)

Saturday Class at NC flyer.png

In Spring 2024, we offered a series of classes open to all young people. Do you have a class you want to share with others? Let's talk! 

Teen Workshop: Making Better Choices about Drugs & Alcohol with Prevention Ed

Saturday, April 20, 2024, 10am-2pm, Free, Germantown

3.5 hour workshop (+ 30 min for lunch) with the goal of educating young people about teen brain development, social norms, media literacy, and the critical link between mental health and drugs and alcohol from an evidence-based, addiction-informed lens. The workshop leader will share personal stories of recovery. This is not a DARE or abstinence-based program. Learn more about Prevention Ed here.

Youth Workshops: Environmental Education w/ The Poop Project

Friday, April 5, 2 environmental workshops with w/ Shawn Shafner, teaching artist and "Poop Guru"

URBAN BODY MAPPING for teens 13+

Our bodies are a system of pathways, just like the buildings, cities, and even Internet infrastructures that we've built. In other words, cities poop, too! With this interactive session, learners explore how the human body mirrors the built environment, and head outdoors to map the sights, tastes and smells of their surroundings.


We're on the hunt for the perfect poo! Participants race in teams to build a digestive model using everyday items, and to produce an immaculate specimen. While perfection may remain elusive, we'll discover how every poo holds helpful information about our health, and how every toilet tells a tale about the people who use it.

Parent Workshop: How to Talk to Kids about Body Image

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

6-7:30pm at Natural Creativity

Facilitated by Your Empowered Sexuality!

We live in a world that makes it really hard to love and appreciate our own unique bodies. How can we support the young people in our lives to look past all the negative messages and develop positive relationships with their bodies and respect for the bodies of others?

Join Isy Abraham-Raveson and YES! to learn how to build a culture of body liberation with the kids in your life. We will review best practices and practice applying them to various real-life scenarios. Participants will leave with tangible strategies they can use to start practicing body liberation right away!

How to Talk to Kids about Sex (Parent Workshop)

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

7-8:30 pm at Natural Creativity

Facilitated by Your Empowered Sexuality!

When is the right time to start talking to kids about their bodies? Now! Join our workshop to navigate this delicate subject, address discomfort, explore values, and learn effective communication, inclusivity, consent culture, and how to use teachable moments instead of the ‘talk.’ 

Music Benefit Concert benefitting Narwhals Trip

Sunday, February 4, 2024

2-5pm at the Rotunda (4014 Walnut St, Phila, PA)

Featuring live music, raffle, and more!

Family friendly.

Update: We met our fundraising goal! Thanks!

Isy prsenting_edited.jpg

Many of these workshop recordings are available on our YouTube page.

  • “How Do You Do SDE?” Best Practices & peer sharing about how your family does SDE

  • Managing Big Anxiety: When a young person’s feelings overwhelm you and them with Council for Relationships

  • Sense & Sensitivity: Navigating Sensory Integration through an Occupational Therapy Lens with local OT

  • Communication That Cuts Off Connection: Recognizing Harmful Tendencies 

  • Nonviolent Communication 101 

  • Self-Directed Gender with CHOP's Gender Diversity Program 

  • Creative Problem Solving around Family Processes

  • Screen Talk: Research, Practice, and Boundaries

  • Healing Math Trauma with NC's Math Content Specialist

  • Meet a Homeschool Evaluator

  • "But how does it work?" - Panel with unschooling alumni, parents, college admissions counselor, Oct 2019 (PDF of transcript)

  • Next Steps: Life After NC

  • Emerging Perspectives on Neurodiversity

  • How to Talk to Kids about Sex with YES!

  • Father's Group

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