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Natural Creativity hosts regular events and workshops to support the development and needs of our community. 

Annual events

  • September: Opening event for enrolled families (at a park)

  • Fall: All-community dinner and event (at NC)

  • Spring: All-community dinner and event (at NC)

  • Early June: Closing event for enrolled families (at a park)


We have also been known to organize an all-NC camping trip, field trips to local museums, outdoor days in the Wissahickon, and more!


These workshops are organized by the Family Support Coordinator, in collaboration with other facilitators, parents, and outside specialists. They are free for enrolled families and serve as a relaxed, nonjudgmental space to ask questions, share ideas, and hear expertise. They usually take place on weekday afternoons.


Many of these workshop recordings are available on our YouTube page.

  • “How Do You Do SDE?” Best Practices & peer sharing about how your family does SDE

  • Managing Big Anxiety: When a young person’s feelings overwhelm (you and them)

  • Sense & Sensitivity: Navigating Sensory Integration through an Occupational Therapy Lens

  • Communication That Cuts Off Connection: Recognizing Harmful Tendencies

  • Nonviolent Communication 101 

  • Self-Directed Gender with CHOP's Gender Diversity Program 

  • Creative Problem Solving around Family Processes

  • Screen Talk: Research, Practice, and Boundaries

  • Healing Math Trauma with NC's Math Content Specialist

  • Meet a Homeschool Evaluator

  • "But how does it work?" - Panel with unschooling alumni, parents, college admissions counselor (PDF of transcript)

  • Next Steps: Life After NC

  • Emerging Perspectives on Neurodiversity

  • Non-Primary Parent Chat

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