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Natural Creativity is an engaged partner in the community, developing reciprocal relationships to further our vision and mission.  We believe in a "community classroom" and therefore seek to continue to highlight the intrinsic value, beauty and stories of our fellow community members.

For information about enrolling a young person with us, go to the Enrollment page


Visitors with experience in any of the following are especially helpful:

  • Reading and writing in various disciplines/genres

  • Mathematics, statistics, geometry, and other logical thinking

  • History, World cultures, Civics, Anthropology

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Anatomy

  • Geology, Geography, Astronomy

  • Engineering, Robots

Author talks

Stage combat

Water color


Ethics for teens


Career day talks


Birth/death doulas






Your specialty!

Council for Relationships

Germantown ArtHaus

Awbury Arboretum

Walk Around Philadelphia

Fairmount Park Conservancy

Merzbacher's Bakery

The Dandelion Project

Koku Roko

Outward Bound PHL

First Unitarian Church (OWL Program)
Cradles to Crayons

Community College of Philadelphia

Cupola Academy

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Partner with NC: Visiting Specialists, organizations, and more...

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Currently, we schedule volunteer Visiting Specialists, Process Partners, and Artists-in-Residence according to availability, mutual interest, and content area. We welcome these partners to our Germantown location any time during our program, Monday-Thursday, 9a-3p (Sept-June). There may also be opportunities for activities, meetings, and trips outside of those hours, and we would be happy to have conversations about that possibility. We consider availability in the following terms:

  • One-time visits to speak with a small number of interested youths about career paths and options. One-time visits offer a taste of the program, and can be used as entry points for subsequent visits

  • One-time visits to work with a small number of interested youths on adult-initiated activities relating to a topic of interest to the adult (for example, a city planner building a miniature town out of Lego or recycled materials with youths)

  • One-time visits to work with a small number of interested youths on youth-initiated activities relating to a topic of interest to the youth (for example, joining in a group of young people making K'Nex roller coasters or skyscrapers)

  • Recurring visits relating to an evolving series of topics or string of sub-topics within a broader interest area (for example, four visits, with each one focusing on a different simple machine, such as pulley or level, that includes building and testing devices), which can be contained (3, 5, or 6 week sessions) or open-ended (every other Tuesday throughout the year) (Artist-in-Residence)

  • If deciding on this option, we may also consider number of visits per week in each option

  • On-site visits that lead to off-site field trips and/or mentorships, facilitated by NC


There may also be variations of any of the above, or new incarnations you suggest that we have not yet considered

Please note that no one is asked to commit to anything beyond an initial visit, as you get to know us and we get to know you. The options listed above are intended to illustrate a range of possible arrangements.

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