Every young person is partnered with a facilitator from their program group. For returning families, this may be a new partner from previous years. The partner is there to be a regular check in, planning, and reflection support for your young person, and to be a family’s first line of communication for most things. We want every young person to have consistent interaction with their facilitator partner during the program experience.

NC families are committed to partnership meetings and partnership check-ins to support the young person as they build and maintain a plan that works for them.


Natural Creativity partners with Council for Relationships, a local mental health agency, to provide free or low-cost counseling to our families. Our Family Support Coordinator can connect families with external resources related to vision, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychiatry, and more.


We wish to continue growing meaningful relationships within the community of Germantown, Philadelphia & beyond, through a network of committed neighbors. The NC Network will initiate a series of informed spaces/businesses for our young people to explore and collaborate with.