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We need you!

Donors, benefactors, individuals & entities are the backbone of NC.

NC is continuously expanding our community of supporters to broaden and deepen our presence in Germantown in order to provide access to educational support to our community. Reoccurring micro-donations are extremely helpful to our sustainability. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

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All of our families are expected to pay some program fee, and only a small percentage (10-15%) are able to pay the full amount.  The rest of our community receives some to significant financial support.  In total, 25-30% of our operating budget is covered by program fees.  The remainder is raised through fundraising appeals, grants, and private contributions.  We also build and maintain partnerships that keep our costs down while offering additional support to our families, including a connection to a counseling service, a number of local businesses, and some corporate donations of resources.


Many in our community have spent much of their lives believing the position they were born into, either by economics, race, or gender identity, represents the best they could hope for.  Our commitment to them is to support their development toward something better, and to help them develop the skills and connections to make it happen.  If you would like to help us get there, please let us know!



Committing to a recurring donation (monthly/per pay cycle) options are available and very helpful. Committing to a single donation of any size is helpful and appreciated.


The gifting of supplies supports our program needs. We also keep a wishlist of supplies that we could use. Feel inspired to check some things off of our list?


Could you commit your time as a volunteer? Could you share our story and work with those you know? Do you have access to resources that could benefit our community? Share today!

An organization is only as successful as its sponsors are supportive.


NC relies on our community of donors for a variety of factors: to support the children in the programs, engaging the families in our community; sponsoring the programming that ensures that students are able to live up to their potential; and supporting NC staff and leadership to carry out these programs to the benefit of the students and their families.

As we continue to grow into this new space, our mission is to preserve the capacity to support both the current and prospective needs of our rapidly growing community. If this mission speaks to your journey and you would like to discover ways to further support our initiative, please send an email to

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