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Is This Homeschooling? - The Parent Scoop

Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, Ed.D.

A Conversation with Chris Steinmeier, Ed.D.

Our first episode focuses on the challenges facing parents and folks in parenting roles with having their kids at home rather than in school.

Our parent guest on this episode is Chris Steinmeier, Ed.D., co-founder and co-director of the Natural Creativity Center and dad of two. We talk about school at home vs self-directed learning; finding work-life balance; and using this time as an opportunity to connect with the young people in your lives in a whole new way.

Episode Notes:

  • Clarifying terminology (homeschooling, school-at-home, radical unschooling)

  • A response to “fear of falling behind in learning”

  • Principles of self-directed learning/education


  • Rediscovering curiosity (recovering internal-motivation)

  • Avoiding evaluative language

  • Sharing in responsibility

  • Being with your family

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