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Tasty Perspectives from SDE World (Jan '23)

Updated: May 15, 2023

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Re: Video games --> "The surprising effects of video games with Ash Brandin" from WorkLife with Adam Grant (47:52) I (Tess) listened to this podcast episode about young people and video games while eating a hoagie and it was so good I had to put down my hoagie several times to write things down; it fundamentally changed how I think about video games. I've been somewhat afraid of them for a long time, and I really enjoyed the guest's thoughtful explanation of video game research, pleasure, and learning. I came away with a deeper appreciation of video games (and less fear!). Thanks to parent Christina for the recommendation. Re: Self-directed education/parenting --> Dr. Naomi Fisher is writing some wonderful things these days. Here's what's caught my eye: "The more I tried to read with them, the more they told me not to. I was worried. What was I doing wrong? Why didn’t my children love being read to? What were they missing out on and was it going to blight their chances for life?" —"Is Reading to Your Children Always A Good Thing?" "Adults assume that if children aren't made to stick at things, they will never learn to do so. They worry that their children will never make progress in anything, will always quit when things get tough." — "The Art of Quitting" Oldie but goodie: "One of the (many) reasons it makes me uncomfortable when parents entirely cut off or severely limit “screen” access is because of how valuable it is for interacting with and discovering shared culture, shared media, shared interests and communities..." — More of the World, Not Less by unschooling "alum" Idzie Desmarais



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